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Neck Cream

Our collection of medical-grade neck creams help to sculpt and tighten the skin. These effective formulas are crafted to address the unique needs of the delicate neck area to unveil a firmer and more lifted look. 


  • Do neck firming creams work?

    The answer is, with consistency, yes. Again, it’s important to have realistic expectations. Most neck creams are not going to perform miracles, but they can definitely reduce the signs of aging. Like the eye area, the skin on the neck is thinner and more delicate. Because of this, the skin on the neck loses elasticity before most other areas and will show signs of aging faster. And because it is thinner and more delicate, certain skincare formulations with active ingredients might be too strong and irritating for the neck area. That’s why a cream specifically designed for the neck is going to have maximum benefit in this area.
  • What is the best treatment for a crepey neck?

    In addition to lasers and other in-office aesthetic procedures, there are things you can do at home to treat crepey skin. The most important thing is to increase collagen and elastin production and to plump and firm the skin. Neck and decollete creams that contain Hyaluronic acid, Antioxidants and Peptides can be very effective at treating crepey skin. At-home devices that use muscle stimulation or radio frequency would be an excellent complement to targeted neck creams. And most importantly, be sure to extend your SPF application to your neck and decollete, to prevent sun damage.
  • How do I apply neck cream?

    Gently apply neck cream in an upward motion using both hands. It is important to go in an upward direction because the idea is to work against gravity. If possible, apply after showering so the skin is still damp and the product will better absorb.

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