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Revitalize your skin with our top-notch collection of face exfoliators and scrubs. Discover the best exfoliators for face, including microdermabrasion scrubs, enzyme face peel, and exfoliating masks.


  • How often should you exfoliate your face?

    This depends on what method of exfoliation you are using. If you are using mechanical or physical exfoliation like a “scrub”, 2-3 times a week is recommended, provided you are not sensitive or acne prone. Chemical exfoliants like Salicylic, Glycolic or Lactic acid can be found in cleansers, toners and serums and are typically formulated to be gentle enough to be used daily.
  • What does exfoliation do for the skin?

    Exfoliation is essential for healthy skin! Simply put, it means the removal of dead skin cells. Exfoliation benefits all skin types but is critical for oily, dull, or acne prone skin types. By removing the outer layer of dead skin, your serums and creams can better penetrate the deeper layers of skin, leading to longer lasting benefits. Other benefits of exfoliation include enhanced lymphatic drainage and increased blood circulation.
  • What’s the best way to exfoliate your skin?

    There are two methods of exfoliants, chemical or physical. Both are beneficial, and ideally you should incorporate both into your regimen. For chemical exfoliants, using a daily serum containing Retinol or Glycolic Acid helps to speed up cell turnover. For physical exfoliants, use a scrub or gentle washcloth once or twice a week to slough off dead skin cells. Keep in mind that if you have sensitive skin, physical exfoliants may be too abrasive for your skin type, so focus on gentle chemical exfoliants (like Lactic Acid) instead.

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