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Experience our top medical-grade moisturizers. Explore brightening, natural, and anti-aging options for rejuvenated skin. These luxurious formulas are clinically designed to deliver optimal results.


  • What is a medical-grade moisturizer?

    Medical or cosmeceutical grade moisturizers contain higher concentrations of hydrating ingredients which makes them more potent than regular moisturizers. They’re formulated to last longer and address skin conditions at a much deeper level.
  • Are medical-grade moisturizers better than drugstore moisturizers?

    Since medical-grade formulations are made with a higher quality of ingredients, they’re considered to be more effective. Medical-grade products are often backed by scientific studies, so you can feel confident that the hyaluronic acid or ceramides in your moisturizer are known to be highly effective. Medical-grade products also offer the most up-to-date delivery methods, meaning they can penetrate faster and deeper into skin layers for maximum results.
  • Are natural moisturizers better for your skin?

    The term “natural” can be a bit misleading, as there is currently no system to regulate “natural” products. We prefer the term “clean beauty” which encompasses all ingredients that are tested for purity and safety and are shown to not harm the skin or the environment – because not all natural ingredients are safe and beneficial, and not all synthetic ingredients are harmful or toxic. Many synthetic ingredients are safe and highly effective and work wonders in your skincare.

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