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Elevate your skincare routine with our rejuvenating facial serums. Discover Vitamin C serums, medical-grade Retinol serums, and more. Transform your skin with our youth-boosting formulas.


  • What do serums do for your skin?

    Serums are great for all skin types can provide a wide variety of benefits. They can boost collagen stimulation, offer chemical exfoliation, deep hydration, antioxidant protection, and even brighten the skin. Many serums are now formulated to perform several of these tasks simultaneously.
  • When should you apply serum in your routine?

    A serum should be applied after cleansing or toning and before moisturizer. If you are using multiple serums, remember that you want to apply in this order: thinnest to thickest. Another good rule to keep in mind is your most active or potent serum ingredients need to be applied first, like Retinol or Vitamin C, followed by hydrating ingredients.
  • Can face serums be used daily?

    Definitely! Most serums are designed to be used daily in order to achieve the best results. There are a few exceptions: some exfoliating serums contain strong acids that should only be used weekly. Read each product’s directions carefully before application. And if you have sensitive skin, you may need to incorporate serums containing actives like Vitamin C or Retinol slowly. Try using those 1-2 times a week to start, and gradually increase if your skin does not react.

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