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Vitamin E

Vitamin E is known for its antioxidant properties that protect the skin from environmental damage while providing deep hydration. Explore Oh Beauty's range of Vitamin E skin care creams, serums, oils for a radiant complexion.


  • What are the benefits of Vitamin E skincare?

    Vitamin E is an anti-inflammatory antioxidant. It can aid in wound healing, soften dry and irritated skin, help the skin to retain moisture, and prevent damage from free radicals. It is an excellent complement to Vitamin C, as it helps stabilize it and boost its efficacy.
  • Which is better for anti-aging, hyaluronic acid or Vitamin E?

    Both are pivotal in any anti-aging regimen. While they both help increase moisture and hydration, Vitamin E has the added benefit of stronger antioxidant properties. The fact that it is anti-inflammatory makes it excellent for anti-aging, as inflammation is one of the key factors in aging.
  • Does Vitamin E help to moisturize dry skin?

    Yes, not only does it prevent the skin from losing moisture, Vitamin E helps protect the lipid barrier, which fortifies the skin’s natural defenses against dryness, dehydration, and irritation.

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