About Us

Welcome to Oh Beauty. We are your source for premium skincare and beauty products.

Our parent company, O Villa Group, has been in the medical spa business for over 12 years. Oh Beauty started as an e-commerce offshoot, so we built a relationship with many medical-grade and premium skincare brands that are not often carried by other beauty e-com retailers.

Our ethos

We believe beauty is an important part of your everyday routine that allows you to express your personality, achieve self-confidence, and open up to others by being yourself. We believe healthy skin is within your power to control. A good daily skin care routine can save you countless hours at a salon and with costly procedures.

We believe everyone deserves access to premium skin care products and that education is the first step to a flawless appearance. By loving the skin you are in, you have more confidence and your true beauty shines through every pore. We believe, make-up is a form expression. That everyone deserves to be their best version of themselves.

We believe everyone can put their best face forward.

Our commitment

We are committed to actively seek out the to leading brands in the industry and focus our selections on skincare, cosmetics, hair care, at-home devices, and accessories. We are committed to educating the public about what it really takes to maintain a beautiful life. We also commit our business to ethical practices that inspires us to live in this beautiful world together.

Who we are

Oh Beauty is a new business run by a small team of dedicated beauty enthusiasts. With experience in the beauty industry, health, the medical field, and wellness, we are here to serve your beauty needs.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.