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Rejuvenate and firm your skin with collagen skin care products from Oh Beauty. Explore our collection of top medical-grade collagen skincare products, including collagen skin cream, collagen face cream & more!


  • Which is better for anti-aging, collagen or retinol?

    Most experts agree that applying collagen topically will help to moisturize, but the molecular structure is just too large to actually penetrate the skin, so it doesn’t really increase collagen production in the skin. The takeaway: for dry, dull and dehydrated skin, Collagen is the top choice. To address anti-aging concerns such as fine lines, wrinkles and discoloration, Retinol is the better choice.
  • What’s the role of collagen in face creams or skincare?

    Collagen is a protein that strengthens our connective tissue, thereby giving our skin elasticity and keeping it firm and plump. It is something that we naturally produce in our bodies, but decreases as we age. Collagen in face creams can help to hydrate or plump the topmost layers of the skin.
  • Is collagen in skin care beneficial?

    Collagen in skincare creams can definitely help improve moisture and hydration, thereby improving the appearance of plumpness. It can often be found in products combined with other ingredients such as peptides, which along with collagen and elastin, are fundamental building blocks of the skin.

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