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PureLift Face & Pro - How To Use Guide

PureLift Face & Pro  - How To Use Guide


PureLift Face and PureLift Pro are our best-selling facial toning and sculpting devices, because the results are incredible and speak for themselves! We get a lot of questions about our PureLift devices, so we created this handy guide to answer all your questions. If you are about to make a purchase, please read through this carefully before using.


Quick Video Tutorial


How Does PureLift Face & Pro Work?

  • PureLift® FACE uses its patented Triple-Wave Technology to firm and lift the skin, as well as the muscles underneath the skin (known as the “scaffolding” of the face)

  • The first wave (low frequency) has an anesthetic effect, gently ‘numbing’ the skin during treatment

  • The second wave (mid frequency) works in the dermis layer to tighten all the layers of your skin

  • The third wave (high frequency) reaches deep to the facial muscles to activate the muscle fibers, firming the face

  • The pulses are randomized, which means the muscles can never adapt-they have to keep working every time you use the PureLift. This ensures your face will never get accustomed to it, and results increase the more you use!


What Is The Difference Between PureLift and Microcurrent?

  • PureLift combines low, medium and high electric pulse frequencies. It works at the muscle level, where a traditional microcurrent device uses a low frequency and only works at the epidermis' level.

  • The PureLift patented frequency ranges from 1300 to 1700 Hz. Microcurrent usually delivers 1 to 8 Hz.

  • While the PureLift may look similar to other devices - as the core technology is built around a series of global patents – its unique Triple-Wave action cannot be duplicated anywhere, putting it at the cutting edge of beauty and skincare technology.


Before You Start Using Your PureLift Device:

  • Make sure the device is fully charged ( this may take anywhere for 6-12 hours depending on your model)

  • Disconnect USB charging cord from device ( the device will not function when connected to power supply)

  • Makes sure to prepare face – start with a fully clean, freshly washed face.

  • Have your conductive serum or gel ready for use before turning on device.


Powering On Your PureLift Device:  

  • Once you turn on the device you must increase intensity using (+) button within 10 seconds from turning device on otherwise the timer will shut off (this is a safety mechanism)

  • Every individual requires a different amount of serum and a different intensity level. If you don’t feel a connection, increase serum application until you feel a gentle stimulation.

  • The most common misunderstanding is that you will feel something immediately upon turning on the device. There is NO VIBRATION. Only ELECTRICAL IMPULSES. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO USE APPROVED SERUMS/GELS.

Using Your PureLift Device: 

  1.  Cleanse skin and apply 2-4 drops of conductive serum to the skin and/or diamond heads of your device.
  2.  Turn on the device and adjust the intensity level. Use (+) for higher intensity, or (-) for lower intensity.
  3.  Glide the device along the contours of ONE side of your face for 5 minutes – jawline, cheekbone, brow bone, and forehead.
  4.  Reapply the conductive serum if it dries out during use, maintaining enough slip to avoid pulling on the skin. A face mist works great to keep the gel moist.
  5.  The device should beep several times in succession after 5 minutes, signaling you to move to the other side of your face.
  6.  Repeat step 3-4 on the other side, using extra serum if necessary.
  7.  Leave on serum for extra hydration, or rinse and pat dry after.


How To Position Your Device:

Jawline Contouring

PureLift Face

 PureLift Face

Place your device in the middle of your chin, and start to draw up your cheek until the beginning of your ear. 


Frown Line Removal

PureLift Face

Start at the side of your lip and slowly glide the device up your cheekbone to right before your temple.


Under Eye Elevation

PureLift Face

 PureLift Face

Place device on the side of your nose, right underneath the under-eye area (making sure not to get too close to the actual eye socket). Slowly glide device around and upwards, stopping at the temple.


Cheek Lifting

PureLift Face

Place device right on your cheek bulb and hold in place for 10 seconds. Slowly move device upwards to your temple, stopping at 3 different areas along your cheekbone for 10 seconds each.