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Paul & Joe's 2022 Advent Calendar: Charm Overdose!

Paul & Joe's 2022 Advent Calendar: Charm Overdose!

Advent Calendars are every beauty junkie’s end-of-year highlight. Honestly, who doesn’t love unwrapping an adorable miniature skincare or makeup treat every single day? It’s a great way to give a gift to someone special that lasts for weeks, or even to treat yourself - and after such a hectic year, you truly deserve it!

One of the most exquisite examples has got to be the 2022 Paul & Joe Advent Calendar. The stunning round box, decorated with the brand’s iconic chrysanthemum flowers, features head designer Sophie’s two adorable cats, Gypsy & Nounette. This calendar contains 24 items in total, each in individual packaging, with original Paul & Joe prints. The level of detail and charm is truly something special! 

Let’s check out everything one by one!

  • 2 kits
  • 3 limited-edition makeup primers (including a highlighter and glow) 
  • 1 limited edition cream blush
  • 2 cream eye shadows
  • 2 limited edition lipstick cases
  • 2 limited edition lipsticks
  • 1 limited edition lip care balm
  • 1 make-up remover gel
  • 1 hair tie
  • 1 face oil
  • 1 herbal lotion
  • 1 hand cream
  • 1 limited edition powder blush
  • 1 limited edition nail oil
  • 1 moisturising lotion
  • 1 compact box
  • 1 limited edition eye shadow
  • 1 body oil


The Paul & Joe Advent Calendar comes in a round box with a charming retro print. It’s got flowers, cats, in adorable pastel colors: need we say more? Within it, everything comes in very subtle and well-made packaging. You also get two pouches, each with a chic print you can re-use. 

Illuminating Foundation

This gift box contains 3 illuminating foundation primers in very cute 10ml bottles. Paul & Joe's bestselling product, this makeup base provides gentle coverage with skin-softening ingredients while illuminating and brightening your skin. 

Cream Blush

The cream blush comes in a 001 shade. The colour looks a bit dark, but has a very velvety texture and spreads very well. It gives a lovely berry-stained appearance on cheeks and lips as well.

Cream Eyeshadows

The box contains two cream eyeshadows. The shimmery bronze-brown and light lilac shades are neutral, neither too glittery nor too matte. The cream formula creates an elegant appearance.

Lipstick Limited

Two gorgeous, wearable shades of lipstick available in adorable cases that suit any occasion. The warm brown is a beautiful daytime neutral, and the red-pink will give you a beautiful holiday pout.

Powder Blush

Applying blush can have a significant impact on your whole appearance, and we never leave it out. This powder blush gives a peachy solid wash of color, and also contains a light shimmer for an allover glow. 

Moisturizing Lotion

No makeup routine is complete without moisturizer. This pint-sized version, containing organic olive oil, melts into your skin and acts as a perfect makeup base.

Other Items

The Paul and Joe Advent Calendar 2022 includes a hair tie, body oil, lip balm, hand cream, pouches, makeup remover, and everything possible thing you would need to treat yourself (or someone special)! 

 Is It Worth It?

Our beauty team give it a major thumbs-up! Paul & Joe offers natural-looking, wearable makeup that can be layered to create a more glamorous holiday effect. This carefully edited selection contains very versatile shades, and the packaging and color palettes evoke a cute and whimsical feeling. Their skincare products, containing the latest award-winning Japanese beauty technology, help improve the quality of your skin while layering seamlessly under makeup. So we highly recommend this Advent Calendar to anyone you know who loves makeup, loves creativity, loves to have fun, and also appreciates quality skincare (especially in adorable miniatures!)