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Cellcosmet: 3 Decades of Science Devoted to Your Beauty

Cellcosmet: 3 Decades of Science Devoted to Your Beauty

Oh Beauty is thrilled to announce the addition of Cellcosmet skincare to our range of premium skincare brands!

Combining decades of Swiss skincare technology, Cellcosmet’s focus is on using stabilized cellular extracts to rejuvenate and bring back youth to tired and stressed skin. Designed and manufactured entirely in their Switzerland laboratory, each Cellcosmet product combines active cellular extracts whose biological integrity has been preserved with highly effective ingredients to transform and revive aging skin. The result of this breakthrough achievement is a skincare line that is exceptionally effective in dramatically improving the appearance and quality of all skin types.

What is the Science Behind Cellcosmet Skincare?

Cellcosmet skincare began at the forefront of cellular science. Cellcosmet's founder, Roland C. Pfister, began his journey into skincare with the discovery of cellular therapy (based on the premise that a tired or stressed cell becomes revitalised when in contact with a young cell). He was able to adapt this concept to the world of skincare by creating the unique and revolutionary CellControl™ method, which preserves the extraordinary powers of stabilised cellular extracts. These cellular extracts preserve the innate revitalizing and moisturizing properties of healthy skin cells. This was the origin of Cellap Laboratoire and its Cellcosmet and Cellmen brands.

Cellcosmet skincare offers a variety of products that are designed exclusively for every skin type and every skin concern, but especially to rejuvenate mature, dehydrated and turn back the clock on the aging process.

Cellcosmet Skincare Featured Products:

Ultra Vital:

This light but powerful formula is rich in structural components that not only nourishes but also provide an extra dose of moisture to the uppermost layer of the skin. Enriched with vitamins E and C, this formula fights against free radicals and enhances the youthful radiance of your skin. Apply every morning to the face and neck after cleansing and toning for that perfectly radiant glow.

Activator Gel:

A non-irritatating formula packed with the biologically active ingredients of Cellcosmet cellular extracts to optimize the receptivity of the epidermis. This activator gel is specially designed for your face and neck to to provide a pleasant sensation of freshness when applied as a pre-treatment in your regular skincare routine.

Active Tonic:

A non-alcoholic active tonic that's specially formulated to prepare the skin to receive the cellular extracts and helps to optimize the action of cellular skincare cosmetics. The formula not only acts as an electrolytic treating tonic lotion but also works as a biochemical peeling agent that gently dissolves dead skin, leaving your skin smooth and prepped for further moisturization. 

Anti-Stress Mask:

This cream mask is enriched with Liquorice derivatives and oligopeptides from Millet seeds to restore balance to reactive skin. Liquorice derivative is known for its highly calming and soothing properties, providing the skin with long lasting softness. Oligopeptides from Millet seeds are known to combat the signs of ageing induced by stress. Additional extracts such as vegetable glycerine, white clay, and orange and rose flower waters provide extra hydration, smoothing and softening properties.

Gentle Cream Cleanser:

The Gentle Cream Cleanser is the perfect blend of jojoba oil and floral rose water. It gently cleanses your face, and also removes stubborn makeup from the face and eyes. This product is designed for all skin types and efficiently works on all skin textures, but especially for people with sensitive or reactive skin.

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