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Artistic & Co.

Artistic & Co. Miss Arrivo The Wraith

Artistic & Co. Miss Arrivo The Wraith

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Miss Arrivo The Wraith, the top model in the Miss Arrivo line, offers 3 powerful functions: deep cleansing, muscle sculpting & skin smoothing. This 3-in-1 device keeps skin clear while toning & firming muscles, and prepping skin for deeper product absorption.

✔  Skin Scubber Mode uses finely tuned vibrations to remove dirt and oil that normal washing doesn't reach, leading to clear, acne-free skin.

✔  MFIP® or PULSE technology CONTRACTS and TIGHTENS all the facial muscles. This Mid Frequency Interval Plus adds a sensitive tapping sensation to relax your skin for an enjoyable experience.

✔  UP/Ultra Pulse helps to simultaneously tighten muscles, warms skin and enhances beauty ingredient penetration using continuous electrical stimulation for an efficient at home facial experience.

✔  EMS/Electronic Muscle Stimulation provides electrical facial muscle stimulation to assist in FIRMING and TIGHTENING of the facial muscles to help combat the effects of time. Safe for daily use.

✔  Suitable for daily use, in the morning or the evening.

✔  Cleanse face thoroughly and apply a conductive gel or water-based serum (no oils please!)

✔  Power up your device and choose your preferred setting.
Plastic, 24K Gold-Plated Stainless Steel
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