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How Auto-Replenishment Works

How do I begin an auto-replenishment?
Auto-replenish today by selecting "auto-replenish" tab on the product page. Select the delivery schedule that works for you in the “Deliver every” drop-down menu and create your auto-replenishment.

Do I get notifications when my replenishment orders dispatch?
Yes, you will receive a dispatch confirmation email within 24 hours of your order being shipped from our warehouse, along with any tracking information.

Can I make changes to my auto-replenishment?
Yes, there is no commitment once you auto-replenish. You can cancel your auto-replenishment, update your delivery address, delay your delivery by up to two consecutive months and update payment details all from within your Account section.

Artistic & Co. Miss Arrivo The Wraith

How Auto-Replenishment Works
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  • No commitment. Cancel or delay
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*Auto Replenish service is not eligible for special sale discounts.

Miss Arrivo The Wraith, the top model in the Miss Arrivo line, offers 3 powerful functions: deep cleansing, muscle sculpting & skin smoothing. This 3-in-1 device keeps skin clear while toning & firming muscles, and prepping skin for deeper product absorption.

Miss Arrivo The Wraith is an all-in-one device that features a 3D Movable Head in the small size unique to the "Miss Arrivo" series. This multi-functional device contains MFIP Ultra Pulse Technology for tightening skin, EMS mode for training the facial muscles, and a unique skin scrubbing attachment that deeply cleanses the face, preparing it for deeper product absorption.


Patented MFIP Technology

MFIP technology combines EMS, Interval Pulse and Radio Frequency to tone and lift the complexion. This device emits intermittent pulses to infuse your skincare deeper into the skin, making active ingredients much more effective.

Skin Scrub Mode

A simple attachment converts Miss Arrivo The Wraith into a skin cleansing device. Accumulated dirt or dead skin that can't be removed by regular face washing gets gently buffed away, leaving smooth and transparent skin, leading to a reduction in enlarged pores.

LED Light

This device can emit 3 different LED lights, each designed to tackle different skincare concerns:

Blue LED is known for killing acne-causing bacteria, while also controlling excess sebum production and minimising pores.

Green LED encourages the skin to produce collagen and hyaluronic acid, healing pigmentation and age spots to even out your skin tone.

Red LED light tackles fine lines & wrinkles, strengthening the skin from the inside, promotes blood flow and in turn encourages glowy skin and a younger complexion.

EMS Technology

An alternating current is delivered to the skin to work out the facial muscles, training the muscles to become tighter. The results? Sagging skin will be lifted to reveal a younger appearance.

Medium/High Frequency Pulse

Gently warming the skin, the device emits a 90kHz medium/high frequency to boost production of collagen and elastin fibers. It strengthens the deeper layers of the skin to promote a smoother, fresher appearance.

All Skin Types

Anti-Aging, Acne, Exfoliation

Plastic, 24K Gold-Plated Stainless Steel

160 g

Customer Reviews

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Rach Cact

It's perfect for achieving beautiful, youthful skin. I make sure to use it every day, and I'll definitely get one for my best girl friend