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Artistic & Co. - New Generation of Home Devices from Japan

Artistic & Co. - New Generation of Home Devices from Japan
Artistic & Co. infinite pursuit of beauty, introduces the Dr. Arrivo Zeus II - a multifunctional phototherapy beauty device.

How we at OH Beauty go out of our way to give you the best beauty products to help with your regime and how we've welcomed Artistic & Co. into our range.

Skin Care

The age-old adage that beauty comes with a price certainly is no lie. The face is considered to be a reflection of your inner personality, beauty, and health. You have to be willing to invest in your skin if you want to achieve flawless radiance. No amount of makeup can hide dehydrated stressed-out skin. In fact, that will only damage your skin further. Read on to find out how we've partnered with Japanese brand Artistic & Co. to aid you in prime beauty results.

Your skin is your body’s largest organ and your face is the first thing that people see. So it deserves the best. However, you know that there are many times when you and your skin didn’t agree on what you thought was best. Hundreds of dollars spent on products that only left you in tears and frustration, and your skin? A little more blotched burned and broken than the perfect picture on the product box I’m sure.

You deserve to look and feel beautiful

This is a story that resonates with each of us. Following the latest fad because it promises miracles, only to deliver a much more underwhelming result. Which just leads us to spend more and expose our skin to even more damage. The lengths that humanity will go to in pursuit of perfection often have us standing in amazement. And it shouldn’t be this way.

Have you ever felt a little twinge of jealousy when you look at the flawless, radiant beauty of a Japanese woman? Ever wondered what’s in the air that they breathe? Japanese cosmetology and technology have been an enigma to most of us. While those that can afford it spare no expense when it comes to the tried and tested methods that produce age-defying, youthful skin.

Artistic & Co.

Artistic & Co. and Oh Beauty – beauty in a nutshell

Oh Beauty is proud to introduce Artistic & Co to our premium range of beauty tools and devices. This is a Japanese home brand that is not just exquisitely designed but delivers more than it promises. The Dr. Arrivo Zeus II is a hassle-free, lightweight, compact and multi-functional device that offers five technologies in one. And will also have you showing off your beautiful, youthful glow in no time at all.

How does this Artistic & Co.'s Dr. Arrivo Zeus II work?

Combining a range of anti-aging technology with its core patents, Ultra Pulse and Mid Frequency Interval Pulse, into this sleek, elegant beauty device, the Dr. Arrivo Zeus II will have your skin blooming with confidence. Its nine 24K gold plated guide heads with four titanium guide head plates will give that perfect, luxurious, anti-aging spa treatment in the comfort of your home. While also promoting resilience and moisture in your skin.

With its intermittent electrical pulses that stimulate blood circulation, this advanced design will tone and brighten your skin, promote even complexion and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It’s no myth that well-treated skin breathes better, and you will see a reduction in your pores and breakouts. And as lightweight and sleek as this device is, you can use it to treat your face, eye, and neck area, giving you one device to complete your radiant, even glow. Your skin is our priority, and safety is guaranteed with this tool that’s designed for daily and weekly treatments, giving you optimum results.

That joy you feel on the inside should radiate through you. There is no need to hide behind a mask or to smile only on the inside. Let us show you the way to ultimate, long-lasting radiance and healthy skin. Claim back your confidence and self-esteem with this simple and effective device and routinely introduced by the experts at Artistic and co. Reach out to us and let us do what we do best – give your skin a new lease on life. Joy will definitely come in the morning.